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What is Solventless?

Also known as mechanical separation, a solventless concentrate is one that is made without any solvents such as CO2, butane, or ethanol. The overall goal is to separate trichomes from plant material while also keeping those trichomes intact. Solventless products are a closer representation of the plant because their natural properties are unaltered while produced. These “handcrafted” products hold true to “Quality over Quantity.


As the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program evolves, so do the types of products. CT Pharma is set to release Lunaven BH (Bubble Hash) and Fioraden B RO (Live Rosin). These products mark the first time solventless concentrates are seen in the CT Program. Let’s look at each type of product and see what to expect!


Bubble Hash (also known as water hash or ice water hash)

Bubble hash is a solventless product made using ice, water, and fine micron bags. Fine micron bags act as a sieve to filter out plant material and other waste.

While new to the CT MMP, bubble hash first gained exposure about 10 years ago.


The overall process is fairly straightforward. Ice water is used throughout the process to freeze the trichome glands, making it easier for them to become agitated, snap off and sink to the bottom (as trichomes are heavier than water), while unnecessary plant matter separates and rises to the surface. The resulting product is extremely rich with trichome heads and stalks, although additional sieving and drying is necessary to remove any residual plant matter and evaporate any additional water.


Live Rosin

Rosin has gained popularity in recent memory, however, extraction through heat and pressure has been around for quite some time. Producing rosin involves the use of high heat and high pressure to isolate the resinous essential oils from trichome heads to create a solid form of resin. A common industry saying that holds true for non-solvent extraction is “Quality In, Quality Out,” as the finished product is a direct reflection of the grade of the starting material



Take a look at our Terpene Page! Much like a fingerprint, each strain of cannabis has a unique profile of terpenes. From anti-inflammatory to antipsychotic, terpenes offer medical properties independent from the strains of cannabinoids. Terpenes can be beneficial in order to help predict the overall effect of a product. For example, Steep Hill Labs reports that “high β-Myrcene levels in cannabis (usually above 0.5%) result in the well known ‘couch lock’ effect of classic Indica strains of cannabis.” Solventless concentrate products express an abundance of terpenes. Currently, solvent based concentrates are ranging around 3-4% total terpenes. Fioraden B contains 8.97% total terpenes and Lunaven RO contains 7.47% total terpenes, a significant difference! Complete terpene profiles are listed below.

Lunaven BH
Fioraden B RO
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